Tiny House Project

Post by Boys Ranch Student Faith O.

As part of the Experiential Learning Program (ELP) at Cal Farleys Boys Ranch, Alexis T., Angel L., Jewel L., Jacob B., Justin B. and their Vocational Mentor James Langham,


have been working on a tiny house. The tiny house is a 8′ x 20′ feet with metal walls, a wooden roof, glass front door with a wooden frame and a wooden back door.

The tiny house has solar panels for electricity needs. It is mostly for sleeping but it does have a sink and a toilet. The purpose of the house, according to Mrs.Keely Miller the Director of Experiential Learning, is for anybody who wants to camp out or for houseparents ,homes, or just a place to stay across the highway from Boys Ranch. The ELP crew has been working on this for about two years from the ground up, says Mrs. Miller. ”The tiny house hopefully will be finished this fall,” says Mr.Craig Wright, the Production Coordinator for CAL (Community As Lab).

Front door