Jerry, who graduated from Boys Ranch High School this year, has been involved with our technology program since his freshman year.  Much of this time has been spent designing and building drones.

Jerry says the hardest part of working on drones is the problem solving.  He says “it is one thing to build them, but it is another thing keeping them running.  I am always having to trouble shoot and figure out issues and how to fix them.”

IMG_0142[1]Jerry’s first drone projects were kits that were quickly built and mastered.  From there Jerry modified a DIY quadcopter kit.  The modifications included on screen display, telemetry, GPS, autonomous flight from via the autopilot module.  Jerry’s next project was a hexacopter, completely designed and built from scratch.  The larger hex frame allowed for bigger props, giving the design greater lift and a carrying capacity of 10 lbs.  The larger frame and additional two motors provide greater stability.  The design also has two batteries hooked in parallel to each other allowing for longer battery life and longer flight time.

IMG_3491In addition to Jerry’s drone designs he has been working on a endurance plane.  His goal is to achieve 48 hours of  autonomous flight.

We wish Jerry well as he continues his education in pre-engineering.