Boys Ranch Rocket Club – August Launch

This month we launched our “L.E.O.” rocket (named after the youth who built the rocket).  There is a Mobius camera with audio on board to give us this incredible footage of the launch and the aerial views of our campus. 

On the video you will hear a rumbling sound prior to liftoff. The sound is the rocket fuel starting to burn prior to the motor having enough pressure to fully ignite.  The last thing in the video is the ejection charge deploying the small 12″ drogue parachute when the rocket reached apogee 10,221ft . The drogue chute allowed the rocket to fall at  83ft/second until the main parachute deployed at 700ft slowing the rocket down to 25ft/second. 

Rocket specs

  • 95″ tall
  • 4″ diameter
  • 20lbs pad weight including motor  (motor weight 10lbs)
  • Motor 4 grain M1134 (A very small M motor  with 5234 newton/seconds of thrust a full M is 10,000 newton/seconds)
  • Peak Thrust 277lbs
  • Average Thrust 251lbs
  • Motor Burntime 4.5 seconds

Flight Data  —  All flight data collected by onboard Raven Flight computer

  • Altitude – 10,221 ft
  • Maximum velocity – 642mph or 942ft/second  (peak velocity achieved in 4.1 seconds)
  • Motor burnout altitude – 1,360ft
  • Rocket coasted 8,861ft
  • Max G force from motor thrust 12.5 g
  • Maximum G force from drogue chute deployment 56 g
  • Total flight time launch to landing 2 minutes 41 seconds
  • Outside air temp 91. Internal rocket temp on launch pad 107

The redline shows the launch site and the pin marker is where the rocket landed.  Distance  .63 miles. Data collected from onboard GPS tracker.


A ground view of one of our other rockets that we launched.